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User manual for entering CMDR Contribution details and process salary

SPARK PMU has updated the CMDRF ( Flood 2018) Contribution details option for donating govt employee’s one month’s gross salary  to CMDRF fund as per G.O. (P) No.144/2018/Fin dated 11/09/2018.  Using this option the concerned DDO/Head of the Department/Establishment user can facilitate employee contribution equivalent to one month gross salary of September 2018 to CMDRF, and this contribution amount can be recovered from employee’s salary, Leave account, Pay Revision arrear, PF account.

Employees’ CMDRF contribution can be updated through;

Payment options facilitated under “CMDRF (Flood 2018) contribution details” option are as follows;
  1. Salary deduction
  2. 30 days Leave surrender
  3. PR arrear 4th Installment
  4. NRA withdrawal from PF

DDOs should  take utmost care while updating the CMDRF contribution details and preparing the bills and ensure that proper verification is done which include checking of arithmetic accuracy in each bill generated from SPARK as the accuracy of the processed data depends upon the accuracy of data input by processing officials. Data once updated incorrectly and bills get encashed, this cannot be rectified directly through SPARK PMU. You may refer Circular No. 87/2018/Fin dated, 19/09/2018


Payment of Fourth Installment of Arrears in cash - Orders Issued

                Government are now pleased to order that the fourth installment of Pay Revision arrears and interest thereon which fall due for payment on 01.10.2018 will be paid in cash to the employees, observing the following guidelines:

                Interest @ 7.6% per annum for the period from 01.04.2018 to 30.09.2018 will be admissible for the remaining 25% of the undrawn arrear as on 1.10.2018. The total amount of principal and interest will be paid in cash to the employees

                The fourth installment of the arrears of Pension, DCRG, Terminal Surrender due to pensioners will be paid in cash from 01.10,2018 onwards, in terms of G.O(P)No.9/201.6/Fin dated 20.01.2016 along with interest @ 7.6% per annum for the period from 01.04.2018 to The second installment of arrears of Commutation will also be paid in cash fro.m 01.10.2018 onwards as per the G.O dated 20.01.2016 without interest. 


Kerala Flood Relief - One month salary of Govt Employees to CMDRF

               Government have issued guidelines  to contribute One month salary of Govt Employees to CMDRF For details view/ download GO(P)No 144/2018/Fin dated 11/09/2018

Kerala Civil Supplies Department- Accepting Ration Card Applications from 25-06-2018 onwards

                    All types of ration card related applications are accepting in Taluk Supply office, City rationing office from 25-06-2018. Civil supplies Director as per Order No. CS. A6-19331/17 dated 21/06/2018 provided detailed direction to all Distric/Taluk Supply officers and City rationing officers regarding the application. 


                    New forms are used for this. No specific number provided in this form. Anyone can download and print and can submit filled application along with documents.

The following are the applications receiving from 25-06-2018 and the respective link to download forms.

1. Application form for adding new members
2. Application form for making corrections
3. Application form for duplicate card
4. Application form for new Ration card (Revised)
5. Application form for Non-Inclusion Certificate
6. Application form for Non Renewal Certificate
7. Application form for Reduction Certificate
8. Application form for Surrender Certificate
9. Application form for Transfer Card
10. Application form for Transfer members
Guidelines in Malayalam

Timus 8.5 - Latest Version with Form 16B Creation for FY 2017-18

Timus 8.5 is one of the trending Income tax statement preparation Utility. It has unique features. It comprises of a variety of module which helps the government employees to meet their requirements.

         The advanced software is developed by SAJI V. KURIAKOSE, District coordinator Idukki from Treasury Department. Link to the blog :

        The main attraction is a variety of IT  statement preparation module. Its IT statement preparation module offers some unique specialties to ease your efforts.


  • Too easy - too handy : It offers the facility to  capture the data directly from the spark salary drawn statement. Facility to save records of all employees.
  • Ultimate freedom. : IT rates for the years from 2009-2010 to 2017-2018 has been set and you are equipped  to prepare IT statements / calculate. Income tax from 2009-2010 onwards, if  required
  • One Office- one TIMUS: TIMUS offers a back end database... Now you are equipped to save  IT  statement records of the employees for all financial years .. You can retrieve your  data in for future reference or print statements at your convenience..
  • Less time consuming : prepare your IT statements with in a minute… All you need is the  soft copy of the salary drawn statement downloaded from spark and your deductions..

First download and save your salary drawn statement from spark (menu income tax >salary drawn statement ) anywhere in the computer. Then use the option in TIMUS to capture the data from the saved statement by selecting it.. Data will be captured in to TiMUS with in seconds..Add required deductions to respective fields and print your statement. Save your records for future refference.

  • You can capture and save the salary records of all employees of your office with in a short time.. Get their deductions added and print the Statements.
  • 10E calculator : An easy way to  define your relief on Income Tax under section 89(1).. A simple 10 E calculator also included.
  • Validate Pan  : TIMUS validate the structure of your individual PAN..
  • Income Tax circulars : TIMUS offers facility to download it circulars for years, by simply selecting the financial year..
  • It have the facility to direct entry mode/ pensioners mode etc..
  • TIMUS offers other modules like Pension Revision Arrear 2014 Calculator, Form 16B Generator, Pay revision  Arrear Statement, NPS Bill preparation etc

Dearness allowance hike orders issued

           The rates of Dearness Allowance payable to the State Government Employees, Teachers, Staff of Aided Schools, Private Colleges and Polytechnics, Full time Employees borne on the contingent and work charged establishments and employees of Local Bodies will be revised w.e.f. 01.07.2017 in the revised scale as shown below:

Date from which payable Percentage increase of D.AConsequent Revised D.A.
01-07-2017 1 %15 %
Arrear amount with effect from 01-07-2017 will be paid in cash.



GPF Credit card or Annual account statements 2017

  The Office of the Principal Accountant General (A&E), Kerala Thiruvananthapuram have commenced uploading the Annual Account Statements (Credit cards) for the year 2016-17 of GPF subscribers of Kerala on Departmental basis. The work is expected to be completed very soon       

For downloading the latest GPF credit cards 

please click the Download link below or visit GPF Credit card tab 

GPF Pin finder and GPF Calculator also available in this blog

NB: Members of this blog may comment their GPF Number and E-mail ID as a comment or message through 'Contact us'  tab for getting the statement (upto 24 hours delay)

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