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2. Download and Install Security Certificate (2 files)
3. Allow pop ups from this site ( May be blocked)
4. Log in to the account
5. Continue using ..... for any doubts free to contact me..



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In addition to the regular telephonic support, you may also avail this online facility to get support quickly, effectively,
and in a timebound manner.
The facility is available from 10 AM to 1 PM & 2 PM to 5 pm on working day


SPARK User Manual
Index Contents
1 Introduction
2 Product Features
3 Installation and Operating Instructions
Establishment Interface
4 Administration
4.1 Initialization Modules
4.2 Other Admin Modules
5 Service Matters
5.1 Service Modules
6 Salary Matters
6.1 DDO-SDO Modules
6.2 NGO Salary Matters
7 Queries
7.1 Query Modules
SDO/Employee Interface
8 SDO/Employee Interface Modules


Krishnan said...

Sir, in spark any option to restore the cancelled salary?

Prakash said...

I have uploaded old photo. could I change that with a NEW one. pls tell me the steps to follow, expecting your reply soon

Administrator said...

No. You can contact spark helpline for more help

Administrator said...

Dear Prakash,
You can change your photo. Please follow the steps below
1. Loggin to your account.
2. If the employee reccords are locked, first you must unlock it first
3. Edit employee reccords
4. Upload new photo

1. Loggin to your account
2. Go to- User Details- Profile
3. Click Change photograph
4. Upload latest photgraph with Name and date

VEEKAY said...

Does 'locking' mean the fields cannot be edited later ??

As the details like "status of Quarters" and "GPF Loan" shall change from time to time, office users shall be in need of changing them..

Pls reply...

Administrator said...

Dear Veekay,
"Locking" does n't meant that you can't edit anything later. You may not edit personal details. But can edit all other windows.

You can also edit personal details by "Unlock employee records" in Administration. The following message may appear.
"You are not the controlling officer for this office. Data cannot be unlocked"
You can overcome this by steps below
1. Loggin to Spark
2. Go to service matters-tab
3. Controlling officer
4. a. Select office b. Select PEN from drop down list c. with effect from date...
5. This controlling officer can unlock the employee records

Anonymous said...

can i get a comprehensive help file in pdf format for SDO module..esp regarding how to draw salary using spark..the one provided in link above is corrupted..thanks

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

plse publish the file size and dimensions of uploading PHOTO&SIGNATURE in the SPARK,...AJISH KV

Anonymous said...

when will be publish sslc 2013 revaluation result?

vadhyar said...

I was on commuted leave from 02/03/13 to 08/03/13.How can I process salary through SPARK(SDO salary)?

SUBRU said...

let me know how I can ( gazetted officer) change the treasury after getting transferred

MANJULA C said...


I,who is HSA ENG was appointed as HSST ENG of the same school from 03/06/2013 FN. .When salary bill of HSA was processed, we have entered part salary for 2 days and deductions like PF, GIS were not deleted. As deductions exceed part salary, processing shows an error.

In these circumstances, to proceed further, we need your advice.

rijesh89 said...

I'm joined at government service in health department on 04/7/2013 i don't know how can deduct my pension Contribution I'm totally Confused so please explain about that,

Ushadevi said...

i am the HM-in charge for ADVUPS Peringandoor, in thrissur district. here, the former HM is under suspension. she was suspended wef 11/6/2013 which makes her liable for 10 days of salary during the month of June.
in this scenario, plz help me out with my following doubts :

1 : is there any legal way to process actual salary for these 10 days and subsistence allowance for the remaining days of june ???
if so, should this be done in 2 separate bills or will the bill generated be inclusive of both, the part-salary and the allowance ?
2 : deductions like deposit to GPF, loan payback to GPF, GIS and LSI, Income tax are to be done as well. in this context, should these deductions be done from part-salary or the subsistence allowance ?

i really really hope u will be able to help me out and clear my doubts. you are my last hope.

Anonymous said...

can i process charge allowance bill via spark..

Anonymous said...

The spark could not access from this computer during the last 6 or 7 days the server not found coments are getting. What I can do now.

Anonymous said...

how do i intialize head of account details of sdo

Anonymous said...

sir my pf loan starts from 10-2010 but on November only it will finish according to spark The number of instalments is 35. and there is no discontinuation in the payment. according to us it may close on august. how does it happen.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sent massege by email to for reset the password.

Anonymous said...

User Name:434037
Now Main Menu is opend as detailed below
Profile-loans/ Advance etc..
Please change it to old Menu as follows
Administration-Service Matters-salary matters-income Tax etc...

dr.jayan said...

i got new payslip with my added HRA . DA increased since january . so when i updated my payslip da is not matching what should i do

Sunny said...

After processing Feb2014 salary with necessary IT deduction.. the "Summary of Tax Deducted at Source" on "Form 16" shows amount '0'. The "Verification" part also shows '0' deducted. Anybody encountered the same problem ? :-)

Anonymous said...

User Name:434037
Establisment Bills of this school VHSE Section was earlier Dealt Sub.Treasury Kayamkulam know it was shifted to Nooranad Sub.Try. So please consider this situation and make necessary arrangement to rectify this inconvenience in spark cite.

Unknown said...

Sir I resigned from my UPSA postin an Aided School to join as HSST English..How can I my pen number? What is the procedure?

Unknown said...

How we add PRAN A/c No. in SPARK for individuals ?

Unknown said...

How we add PRAN a/c no. in SPARK ?

Sreehari S said...

i recently edited and corrected my service history details.. now when i generate salary bill monthly rate of basic pay and da shows without increment but amount column shows correct figures.. what is the remedy ? will treasury accept the bill as such ?

Anonymous said...

sir, our spark is in employee interface how cna we change into establishment inetrface

Unknown said...

how to process subsistance allowance in the spark and claiming salary in remaining period

Anonymous said...



DDO is changed now we cannot unlock the employee we can set the officer
as controlling officer for unlocking the employee record

asdfgf said...

is there any option in kerala spark to submit multi month salary bills?usually one month bill can only be prepared at a need to furnish encashment details to generate next it is very time taking...i have a pending of 15 months subsistence if any body knows the way to create multimmonth bills in one go please help.

Anonymous said...


Aiswarya Babu Pen No 725737
The amount of NPS recovery is Rs 21926/- The amount should be deducted from 10/2015 and the instalment amount is Rs 1462/-. The No of instalment is 15.

The first instalment amount deducted from october 2015 Salary bill. But in NPS Arrear Recovery the amount repaid is not displayed that may be the error in automatic updation.

Kindly do the necessary action.

Unknown said...

How an employee can apply leave online through spark? When logged in as DDO the leave of the DDO can only be applied online. The name of the employee is not editable. Is it necessary for the employee himself/herself log in to spark for applying leave online? if so what will be the user name and password for that employee? Please give us necessary details.

Unknown said...

how to correct the wrongly entered allowance from automated calculated allowance? the spark saying not matching with the AG pay slip.

Unknown said...

is the excess pay processing in spark active? If so please explain the procedure

Anonymous said...

i was ddo of an office and got transferred to new institution. my station is put on additional charge on my transfer. when i tried to relieve on transfer yesterday a window opened and shown that i have to handover charge to an establishment staff of my office and he will relieve me. at that time i didnt do it as the spark instructed to hand over the charge to subordinates. today that window is not coming when i try to process option of relieve on transfer. i have send form 3 and 5. what is the actual procedure now that i should follow?

Unknown said...

due to some reason DDO,s salary for december 2015 was not processed till 31st december. how to process salary of DDO for december in the month of january .Pls explain step by step process

Abdul Khader Kunju said...

I am an Asst PP working in Peermade. PIN 602817.
I could not process the salary for the month of Dec 2015.
Therefore I also could not remit the IT. Then I tried to process it in this month.
I processed, but I am getting the bill belongs to the former APP, the late Sri Benedict.
So I tried to cancel it. It is showing that no bill is selected for cancellation.
Fresh processing is not possible for the reason the encashment of salary of Dec. was not updated.
And the same is not possible due to non-encashment. Thus I am placed in a vicious circle.
The most despicable matter is that none of the responsible persons in the 'spark' is attending any phone call to clear it.
Earlier they used to respond over the mail, now, that also they have stopped.
I made several mails to them. To whom I can place my grievance.

Unknown said...

Sir I cant cancel the SDO salary objected by treasury, since it is not enlisted below - Accouts -- Bills -- Cancel bill option. Sir please help to cancel the bill

Unknown said...

I am trying to cancel the bills of the following SDO under this sub divison objected from treasury , but bill is not enlisted under Accouts -- Bills -- Cancel bill option. Sir please help to cancel the bill. My DDO code is 001, user ID 336458 with password spark2015.

Salary processed on-
Feb-15 – bill amount- Gross and Net-23420/-
Control no-26299979848778858358
Mar-15 – bill amount- Gross and Net- 31722/-
Control no-26299979848778858251

Unknown said...

how the dies non for 1 day in feb 2016 salary bill can be effected

Anonymous said...

when I try to process the Form 16 2015 2016 the following error occurs

'Form 16 can be printed only after tax calculation during Feb/2016'. But there seems to be no option for calculating tax. What can I do to get the form 16 from spark

Unknown said...

I am not able process my feb salary,when I process gross came as 0(zero),It occur after updating electronic pay slip from I contact AG office they told me it's because of technical problem of spark, contact in spark help desk.Tried calling in helpdesk number for last 4 days no ane attending
Also I got payrevision payslip,but Its not updated electronically from AG.when I contact AG for this they told me they are getting error msg from spark while they are entering pay slip actual problem is of spark,they have nothing to do,any way they have send mail to spark

I tried to enter payrevision payslip manually but that also fails with saying basic pay not valid
When I check I noticed my scale is still in prerevised scale,I am not able to change manually

Problems in short
1. Not able to process February salary
2.when salary processed gross came as zero revision payslip not get updated electronically in spark from AG

So I request you to correct my problem as urgently because
I cannot settle my income tax because of this

Ashiq N A
Pen no. 683368
Assistant surgeon
Chc pazhanji, thrissur
Mob 9809826466

rpmhsspanangattiri said...

.pay fixation 2014എന്ന ,menu ഉപയോഗിച്ച് രണ്ട് employees ൻ്റെ basic pay മാറ്റിയത് തിരിച്ച് പഴയ scale ലെ basic pay ആക്കിതരുവാൻ. വീനീതമായി അഭ്യർത്ഥിക്കുന്നു
1) padmahasan.P
Now basic pay inspark:4360
Change its as:223600

Basic pay in spark:32300
Change its as:16580)

Contact No.9447838169

sending scanned copy of formal communication from our DDO,

Anonymous said...

i have a spark account since 2012.but i didnot open it for5 years. now i cant open it. So how can I reset my account

Anonymous said...

i csnt open my account. how can I reset it

Unknown said...

Plz reset my spark system to Establishmnet interface.
User id 158118

Unknown said...

Due to some problems we are not able to generate salary for february to may months.
whether any option to generate single bill for whole months ?
Then how ?

Anonymous said...


I have joined as a staff nurse Gr2 under DME last November. Till now i got only 1 month salary slip. My salary is crediting to my bank account monthly. But I'am not getting the salary slip.....Is there any option for the govt employee to get or check the salary slip online ?

Nandini said...

I wrongly entered the leave account of one of the teacher in SPARK,HPL Leave account. Now Iam not in a posision to edit or deletethe same. How to rectify the same .please help me.
HM, KMSB School Lakkidi. Email :

binu said...

Please reset my spark system to Establishmnet interface. now it is in employee interface
spark id 252968

JayaKumar said...

how can i change my family details in my spark account?? please reply,

Thanking You,

Unknown said...

I was working as UPSA at St. Michael`s Kavil and trabsfered as HM in St. Louis LPS Vadavar Vykom Kottayam On 1/6/2016. In my Prsent Salary, last pay change is wrongly entered as 1/7/16 instead of 1/7/15.So when DEO try to authenticate my transfer, UNAUTHERISED ERROR OCCUR message is repport is seen.I hope you will be able to help and rectify my errors.

Sangeetha Ramachandran said...

I am working in Polytechnic and was out of service for 9 years from 2007 and recently reinstated to service by court. I have opened a my SPARK account but could not completed my service details as because my 9 years service is not Regularized.
Ist it possible to generate salary without entering my broken service details?
If possible pls help.
Sangeetha Ramachandran

Unknown said...

IS THERE ANY FACILITY TO INDIVIDUAL LOGIN IN SPARK? i have tried once using forgot password option and got the OTP but when i typed for a new passowrd the system is not accepting the change for a new password ans hence i havent got a password for individual login and check my pay slip