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National Pension System- Exercise of Option

                         As per the G.O. (P) No. 20/2013/Fin dated 07.01.2013, National Pension System (NPS) has been implemented for the State employees who are appointed on or after 01.04.2013. As such, those employees who are appointed on or after 01.04.2013 would come under the ambit of the NPS, even if they had been appointed in another post under the State Government on or before 31.03.2013. In this connection, various representations have been received requesting to retain, those who are appointed upto 31.03.2013 in Government service, aided institutions and institutions where Part Ill, Kerala Service Rules is applicable, in the Kerala Service Rules, Part III Pension Scheme when they get fresh appointments in other categories.
                         Government have examined the matter in detail and are pleased to order that Government Servants/ Autonomous Body Employees/ Aided Institution Employees who were appointed in substantive vacancies on regular basis on or before 31.03.2013 ·and who were in such posts on 31.03.2013 and to whom the KSR, Part III Pension Scheme applies in their respective institutions, would be allowed mobility and for this, they can exercise option for the continuance of KSR, Part III Pension Scheme based on the combined service in accordance with Part Ill, KSR. For this purpose, such employees would be allowed to exercise option to be governed by KSR, Part III Pension Scheme, within 3 months of joining their fresh appointment in the form appended to this G.O, to the appointing authority concerned.

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