Electricity bill Online Payment

                    Kerala State Electricity Board going to introduce Online Bill Payment from 23-04-2013. All the customers can pay the bills through internet banking and Debit/Visa,Master Credit card from 23-04-2013. Now this facility is available through internet banking account of  36 banks. Payment details will come automatically as SMS to the mobile . Also have facility to take print outs of the bills paid.
                    The software used for online bill payment is ORUMA  developed by the IT department of KSEB. The payment gateway facility is provided by IDBI Bank. A customer can pay the bill upto 2 days before the last date of Electricity disconnection date. 

For detailed Payment Instructions Click here  
For support and assistance, Mail to: ltpaymentsupport@ksebnet.com or Call: 9446008892,04712514648


  1. Does this online electricity payment portal exists, or just the usual government hallucination, Because None of the links load the page, yes ofcourse its showing in google search but never loads the page. Server Down or busy this may occur but 24X7 server down, well IT department in near future we can expect this running isn't it?

  2. its working .anybody can try it out.

  3. It is not working. put bill number and details it will not fetch any bill details for paymenmt


  4. That’s a wonderful article!
    When some technology is introduced to enlighten your stress, I will definitely give it a go!
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  5. you fools I have paid the bill 2 months ago through online i done it through netbanking of sbi.Its working fine.

  6. The PORTAL http://pg.kseb.in/ui/qpay.php is NOT working......... but previously TWO times I have made the payments through this website.

  7. it is better to go to the kseb office and pay the bill. this portal do not work sometimes

  8. the payment trough card are not working now..its shown that it will be fixed shortly....but the same thing is shown from the last month itself

  9. It works sometimes. Last month I paid on line. This time, the electrical section name itself is missing in the list. Also, there is no debit/credit card facility.
    Very inconsistent site. Please do not depend on this site, like any other govt.dept.