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Ad hoc Bonus/Special Festival Allowance 2011 to Govt.Employees/ Pensioners-Sanctioned
Government have sanctioned Ad hoc Bonus/Special Festival Allowance to the State Government Employees,Employees of Aided Educational Institutions, Full time Contingent Employees etc..
For details view/download GO(P) No. 370 / 2011/Fin Dated 27/08/2011.
  • Festival Allowance @ 1750/-
  • Adhoc Bonus Maximum @ 2900/- 
  • Limit for Bonus Revised Rs.13000/- Pre revised Rs.10750/- (Basic+Personal Pay+SP+PA+DA)

Onam Advance to Govt.Employees-Sanctioned
Government  have sanctioned Onam Advance to all Government Employees
.For details view/ download GO(P)No.371/2011/Fin Dated  27/08/2011
  •  Onam Advance @8500/-
  • Refund at 5 equal installments
  • Paid from 02/09/2011
Onam Advance to Part Time Contingent Employees Etc Sanctioned  
 Government have sanctioned Onam Advance to Part Time Contingent Employees,NMR workers,Grass Cutters etc. For details view G.O (Ms)No.373/2011/Fin Dated 27/08/2011 

Ad hoc Bonus /Special Festival Allowance to Part Time Contingent Employees-Modified
Government have included part time Contingent Employees including those working in Aided Educational Institutions  eligible for either Special Festival Allowance or Ad hoc Bonus whichever is higher. 


    Anonymous said...

    Bonus limit not have been increased from the last year.

    Anonymous said...

    please provide the certificates to be attached for each bill for presenting at the treasury.....that would be very helpful.

    Anonymous said...

    Certificates In case of Onam Advance/ FA/ Bonus etc
    1. Certify that the advance will be recovered in five equal monthly installments (in respect of categories (i) ti (vii) and in 21 weekly installments in the cases of persons getting weekly wages under item (viii)
    2.Certified that the employees are regular staff and have 6 months continuous service in 2010-11

    Certified that the conditions contemplated in the GO........ dated 27/08/2011 have been satisfied

    Jerry Jose said...

    There is no change in ad-hoc bonus for central government employees also. I think no body accept any change this time. Thanks

    Unknown said...

    please update data