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In G.O (P) No.616/10/Fin dated 23/11/2010 Government have decided to implement the Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme through Kerala State Insurance Department for the year 2011 with certain modifications. As per the G.O the scheme has also been extended to the employees of all Public Sector Undertakings, Co-operative Institutions, autonomous bodies and other Government Institutions in addition to the categories of employees already covered under the scheme. The scheme shall come into force with effect from 01/01/2011.

The insured shall have to pay an annual premium of 100/-, inclusive of Service tax for an assured sum of Rupees Eight Lakh.


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travelprotecta said...

Hi friends,

Government now do some modifications regarding personal accidents, wants to implement the group personal accident Insurance Scheme through Kerala State Insurance Department for the year 2011. Thanks a lot.

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David said...

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Anonymous said...

Could you please say if time limit has been extended for the year 2012?

Anonymous said...

Mean could you please say if the time limit has been extended for GPAI for the year 2012?

Anonymous said...
Click this link to download the GO ordering extension of time limit in
GO(P)No.80/ 2012/Fin Dated 31/01 /2012

Anonymous said...

if any of them became disabled due to accident,what help can get from gpais ? if yes what percentage of dis ability need ?plse reply

Santhosh Kumar said...

Loss of One Limb and sight of Eyes, Permanant total disablement due to accident----Rs.8 Lakhs.
Loss of One Limb or sight of one Eye---Rs.4Lakhs.
Please refer to GO(P)No.616/2010/Fin Dated:23.11.2010
Just log in to and check in GOs of 2010
Santhosh Kumar

Anonymous said...

In the GO nobody is responsible to disburse the amount to the dependents of the deceased person. The Director of Insurance demand impossible documents and finally the poor family members cannot follow their demands. So it is gimmics. Department will be responsible to disburse amount within 30 days of receipt of information and an officer from the Dept. should be responsible to collect all the required documents and to give the amount.
- Sabu 8547188788

Anonymous said...

can u pls clarify whether group personal accident insurance scheme is applicable to part- time teachers in aided schools

Anonymous said...

A person expired of heart attack,can claim for GPAIS