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GPF Credit card or Annual account statements 2019 available now **** New Income Tax Statement preparation multy Utility software now available

Possibility of outbreak of Corona Virus - Lock down Regulations

Covid-19- strong possibility of a widespread outbreak of Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) lockdown in the entire state of Kerala - regulations under section 2 of the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 and The Disaster Management Act, 2005 — orders issued

Trending Income tax statement preparation Utility- TIMUS 10.0 with unique features

      It is again the time for the release of a new version of Timus, the innovative, comprehensive, multi purpose utility, which   consists a set of unique modules equipped to ease the  day to day works of government employees in Kerala.

       TIMUS 10, the new innovative tool is now available . This advanced software is developed by SAJI V. KURIAKOSE, District coordinator Idukki from Treasury Department.

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For more details and help files in Malayalam visit exclusive blog on Timus

Timus10 offers a variety of  unique tools and some of them are furnished below.

  • NEW : > Generate Annexure 2  : Now a days, those who are preparing quarterly TDS statements are facing very difficulties in updating  Salary Details  in Annexure 2 of RPU, which consists of 92 columns / fields to update with.  It is a very difficult task to correctly enter all these fields and validate the rpu.  Now Timus 10 offers an easy and efficient way to overcome these difficulties. Timus10, is now equipped to generate Annexure to  which can be directly copied to annexure2  of RPU, by compiling the information available with the IT Statements prepared in Timus, in a single mouse click.
  • Prepare Income Tax Statement for multiple Years  by directly fetching Spark Salary Drawn  Statement : Timus has the powerful & unique features to capture data from Salary Drawn Statments from SPARK to prepare the IT Statements of salaried employees. Thousand of such records can be saved for future retrieval and even feature offers the facility to  capture the data directly from the spark salary drawn statement. Such saved records can be used for generating automated Annexure 2.
  • (Less time consuming : prepare your IT statements with in a minute… All you need is the  soft copy of the salary drawn statement downloaded from spark and your deductions..First download and save your salary drawn statement from spark (menu income tax >salary drawn statement ) anywhere in the computer. Then use the option in Timus to capture the data from the saved statement by selecting it.. Data will be captured in to Timus with in seconds..Add required deductions to respective fields and print your statement. Save your records for future reference.)
  • NEW : >   Integration of PIMS anticipatory Statement of Pensioners ( for Treasury Department) Timus offers  the facility to capture data directly from the Anticipatory Statement available from PIMS  and to save the data of pensioners of all types to database  for generating IT statements, computing Tax of Pensioners, and to generate Annexure 2 of RPU
  • Ultimate freedom. : IT rates for the years from 2009-2010 to 2019-2020 has been set and you are equipped  to prepare IT statements / calculate. Income tax from 2009-2010 onwards, if  required
  • 10E calculator : An easy way to  define your relief on Income Tax under section 89(1).. A simple 10 E calculator also included.
  • Option to prepare the consolidated statement based on the salary details in entered in annexure 2 of  RPU to assure the accuracy of the data manually entered in RPU. Such consolidated report is generating by fetching the data from the text file which is creating at the time of validating TDS Statements in RPU.
  • Pension revision / Pay revision Arrears calculator is still available as part of Timus10 
  •  Option to prepare NPS bills / Challans for treasuries
  • Instant and online helps are provided for important option in Timus as well as the important IT sections relates to salaried employees.
  • Validate Pan  : TIMUS validate the structure of your individual PAN..
  • Income Tax circulars : TIMUS offers facility to download it circulars for years, by simply selecting the financial year. Just select the financial year and go for the download.
  • Downloads and Links to Various sites are available.
  • Besides spark / PIMS data fetching Timus offers the Direct entry mode too.
  • All catogories of Deductees are covered in timus ( such as others , Senior Citicen etc.)

Commutation of Pension and Restoration Period of Commuted portion

A Pensioner can exchange a portion of his/her pension for lump sum. The maximum portion of pension that can be commuted is 40% of basic pension from 01-03-2006. No commutation will be allowed to a person against whom disciplinary case is pending. Commutation pension is calculated at, “ commuted value of one rupee of pension at next birth day X portion of pension commuted X 12”.
Relevant part of Commutation table is given below.
55 years of age : Rs. 11.73
56 years of age : Rs.11.42
57 years of age : Rs. 11.10
58 years of age : Rs. 10.78
59 years of age : Rs. 10.48
60 years of age: Rs. 10.13
Restoration period of commutation in Kerala is 12 years. After the restoration no commutation shall
be allowed. 

Detailed information about the restoration period of all the states in Kerala is given in the below table

1ANDHRA PRADESH15 years after the date of payment of CVP
2ARUNACHAL PRADESH15 years from the commencement of reduced pension
3ASSAM14 years from the date of Commutation or attaing the age of 72 years which ever is later
4BIHAR15 Years from the date of retirement
5CHATTISGARHFrom the 1st day following the month in which attains the age of 70 years
6GOA15 years from the date of receipt of the CVP
7GUJARAT15 Years from the date of retirement
8HARYANA138 months from the month following the month of payment or attaining the age of 70 years which ever is later.
9HIMACHAL PRADESH180 months from the month of 1st payment of CVP or after 70 years of age which ever is earlier
10JAMMU& KASHMIR15 Years from the date of retirement
11JHARKHAND15 Years from the date of retirement
12KARNATAKA15 years after the date of payment of CVP
13KERALA12 years from the date of payment of reduced pension
14MADHYA PRADESHAttaining the age of 70 years for those who retired prior to 18-02-2000. In respect of those who retired after 18-02-2000 from the 1st day of the following month in which they attained the age of 75 years
15MAHARASHTRA15 years from the date of payment of CVP
16MANIPUR15 years from the month following the month of payment of CVP
17MEGHALAYA15 Years from the date of retirement/ drawl
18MIZORAM15 years from the date of first payment of CVP
19NAGALAND15 Years from the date of payment / receipt of CVP which ever is later
20ORISSA12 years from the date of payment of CVP (upto 30-11-2008)
15 years from the date of payment of CVP (from 01-12-2008)
21PUDUCHERRY15 years from the date of payment of reduced pension
22PUNJAB15 Years from the date of retirement
23RAJASTHAN14 years from the date of payment of CVP (OR) if the date is not available the 1st day after 3 months from the date of retirement is treated as Date of Commencement of Reduced Pension
24TAMILNADU15 years from the date of retirementwhen the pension has been commuted before 07-12-1990 and 15 years from the date of payment of original pension if commutation is paid after 07-12-1990
25TRIPURA15 Years from the date of retirement
26UTTAR PRADESH15 years from the date of payment of CVP
27UTTARAKAND15 years from the date of payment of CVP
28WEST BENGAL15 Years from the date of retirement

Bio Metric Punching in Government offices Directions issued

                             SPARK linked Bio metric Punching introduced in Government departments and LSGs, Grand-in-Aid departments etc. General directions for the implementation of this Bio metric process is given in order No 192/2020 /GAD dated 13-01-2020.

Points to remember

  • Grace time allowed in a month (previous month 15 to current month 15) limited to 300 minuits 
  • Grace time is allowed for half pay leave
  • Punching machine is linked with spark
  • No late permission or Early exit allowed over and above the grace time.
  • Compensatory off is allowed to employees (including gazetted officers ) working more than 10 hours in a month. (Above working time of 7 hours in a day)
  • Compensation off for  is allowed 
  • One time punching in not treated as duty
  • Attendance book also must be kept until further orders

Instructions to file Annual Property Statement Online For employees other than AIS officers

                 All employees except Part-time contingent servants are required to submit the annual movable or immovable property statement before the 15th January of every suceeding year vide Rule 37 and Amendment rule 2010 of Kerala Govt Servants' Conduct Rules 1960. Hence all employees except Part-time contingent servants need to submit the annual movable or immovable property statement for the year 2019 before 15-1-2020.

Online annual filing is made compulsory for all the employees under finance.

Circular No99/2019/Fin dated 23-12-2019.

Step by step instruction about Online filing of annual property statement through spark is illustrated in the following document.