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How to trace government receipts in treasury (UTR search)

Bills and other treasury payments to various nationalized banks are done through e-kuber in treasury department. We can download  the Acknowledgment receipt in PDF format if know the UTR number.

We can trace out the following details

Bill Reference Number (BRN), Name of Treasury, Name of Department, DDO Code , Designation of DDO , Name of Office

TREASURY PASSING DETAILS :  Counter Date , Treasury Reference No. (TRN), Accounting Date.
DETAILS OF PAYMENT : Credit To : Bank Account Name of Beneficiary ,  IFS Code,  Account Number, Amount, Purpose of payment,  RBI Ref. No,UTR Number, Credit Status,  Credit Date etc

2. Click UTR Search 
3. Enter UTR number in the space provided (U+ digits) and click search
4. Click Download Acknowledgement Receip

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