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GPF Credit card or Annual account statements 2019 available now **** New Income Tax Statement preparation multy Utility software now available

GIS and SLI policy and premium updation helpline

Government have ordered to collect legacy data of SLI & GIS by using the service of Drawing and Disbursing Officers vide GO(P)No 97-2017-Fin dated 28-07-2017. The following two tutorials will help to enter all the relevant information for digitalisation of all the information relating to the State Life Insurance (SLI) and Group Insurance Scheme (GIS). 

Visit the official web portal for more inforwamtion

VISWAS is Temporarily Unavailable
Due to the migration process in SPARK, online service for DDOs in VISWAS is temporarily unavailable

GPF Credit card or GPF Annual Account Statements 2016-17

                GPF credit card will be available from 11-09-2017 in official web portal of AG Kerala 

Click the link below to download the GPF annual account Statement for the financial year 2016-17