New Income Tax Statement preparation multy Utility software now available

First Allotment Results published Admission 19th & 20th June

Single window Plus one (HSE) Admission 2017

  • Online Submission of Applications For Plus One Admission in Merit Quota(Single Window System) commences on 8th May 2017
  • Single Window Application Distribution starts on 08/05/2017
  • Facility for Online Submission of Applications by students will be available from 08/05/2017
  • Last Date for Application Submission is 22/05/2017.
  • Date of first allotment : 19/06/2017 
  • Admission date 19/06/2017 and 19/06/2017 
  • Commencement of Classes : 19/06/2017
  • Supplimentary allotment : 22/07/2017

Employee can logon to spark -New feature

New feature in SPARK
1.Any Employee can logon to spark.
2. View your own details.
3. Can take salary slip of any month.
4. Can take due drawn statement of any financial year.
2. Click 'login spark'
3. Login with your own 'PEN' and password

3a. For first time users or when u forgot password
      Click 'forgot password?'
3b. Type your PEN, DOB, and email address exactly as entered in SPARK
3c. Verify your phone number
3d. Enter the OTP received on your phone number.
3e. Enter new password in the new pop-up window

First time login - Click on ‘Create/Forgot Password’
1. Enter PEN
2. Email
3. Mobile number
Password will be forwarded to the email id of the employee as registered in SPARK. The employee
can then login with the PEN and the password received by email. The employee can view GPF
authorisation slips by entering their PEN. If the employee is a Gazetted Officer pay slips authorised
from this office could also be viewed. The employee could change the password using the option
‘Change Password’.

4. Close window, reopen, login with your PEN and password

Select menu
1.Accounts->view salary slip/ drawn salary details

Always logout after use.

Income Tax Form 16B creator -Multi purpose utility Software TIMUS

                 Almost all the Drawing and disbursing officers (DDOs) have already done e-TDS filing. They will get the form 16 from TRACES .But the tedious process for the tax deductors is the issue the 16B especially in large offices with huge number of tax payers. Treasury staff developed a Multi utility software which reduces the work load and maintain high accuracy in this process. 

TIMUS 7.50

Prepared by : Saji V Kuriakose, Treasury Department
District Co-ordinator Idukki

TiMUS 7.50 is a Multi Purpose Utility Software  to prepare
Income Tax Form 16B, 
Income TAX Statement from SPARK Salary Drawn Statement 
Pay / Pension Revision Arrear 2014
NPS Bill 

Easy way to prepare Form 16 B part : Facility to prepare Form16B part, from the text file created at the time of validation of data from Return Preparation Utility. ( Just browse the text file thus created to import the data into Timus and there will be option to export form 16B in PDF format of all records - salary details entered in Annexure 2 of RPU). Then there will be an option to prepare a consolidated statement on the data entered as salary details to check whether the data entered in Annexure 2 is correct or not. This conslidated report will reflect Name, PAN, Category of Deductor, Total Income, Total Deductions, Taxable income, Total Tax Payable, Total Tax Paid, Shortfall/ Default, Serial number of that record annexure2 of RPU.

  • Records with shortfall / less tax deducted,  will be listed in red color
  • Records with tax payable / refundable  'NIL',  will be listed in Black color
  • Records with tax Excess Tax Deduction,  will be listed in Blue color
Other Feature of this Utility

1. Pension revision Arrear 2014  preparation facility for Treasuries.
2.  Income tax statement  preparation  facility by  fetching data from Salary Drawn Statement from Spark.
2.  Income tax statement Preparation options for Pensioners too (Senior Citizen, Super Senior Citizen ).
3.  Pay revision 2014- Arrear Preparation utility for multiple employees, multiple head of Accounts.
4. NPS bill preparation option for Treasuries.
5. Export all reports to PDF  format
6. Equipping users to set IT Rates.
7. Ready links to important IT Sites

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