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GPF Credit card or Annual account statements 2019 available now **** New Income Tax Statement preparation multy Utility software now available

Trending Income Tax Preparation Utility-Automatic data entry

TIMUS 10  now released.  Link: 

Most advanced Income Tax preparation utility which can fetch data directly from the Salary Drawn statement from the spark. No need for data entry. It can reduce workload and clerical mistakes in data entry. This software also contains many helpful utilities which help IT preparation, E-submission of IT statements and ready links to important IT Sites also available. (Form 12bb included)

Prepared by Saji V Kuriakose,District Co-ordinator Idukki, Treasury Department
Phone: 9496321851 

Features of this programme
1. Income tax statement directly fetching data from Salary Drawn Statement from Spark.
2.  Income tax statement Preparation options for Pensioners too (Senior Citizen, Super Senior Citizen ).
3.  Pay revision 2014- Arrear Preparation utility for multiple employees, multiple head of Accounts.
4. Provision to export to PDF.
5. Provision for the preparation of Form 16 B from the text file that creates at the time of validation of data from Return Preparation Utility (RPU). (consolidated statement of entries in annexure 2 of RPU).
6. Equipping users to set IT Rates.
7. Ready links to important IT Sites.


You may download and use the above software for personal/official use but  not to be copied or posted without prior permission of the developer, on any network computer,websites,blogs or broadcast, or published in any media