New Income Tax Statement preparation multy Utility software now available

All in one Excel program for NPS Bill preparation, IT calculator, Form 16B generation etc.

A great initiative by a Treasury staff to develop a Multi utility Excel Program helpful for all the government departments especially for treasury department for NPS and TDS related works. Developed by Saji V Kuriakose, District Co-ordinator, Idukki District Treasury

  1. It can be used for preparing form 16B files from the output file (text file) generated while creating (validating) output file from RPU. (Provisions are there in TMPUS to get form 16B files with tax computed by TMPUS based on the IT rates set for the FY as well as the form 16B files based on the exact data entered in annexure 2 without any computation. These files are not recommended for issuing with Form 16 part A from traces. Use only the computed form16B files for issuing with Form 16A part from traces.
  2.  Prepares a consolidated report on salary details entered in annexure 2 of RPU, which helps to check the accuracy of the data entered as salary details in annexure 2 before uploading the 24Q. It also helps to check the accuracy of tax computation and tax deducted at the bill passing.
  3. Link to a fully authenticated income tax calculator is provided.
  4. Link to RPU tutorial is helpful to the users. Even the beginners can prepare their own 24Q statements using this tutorials.
  5. Link to TRACES tutorials are also provided.
  6. Some other important links are also provided..
  7. It can also be used for preparing NPS bills ( for the use of treasuries)
  8. It can also be used for preparing the NPS deputation Chelan (for the use of District Treasuries)
Download the program and other essential utilities from the link below

You may download and use the above utilities for  personal &official use but  not to be copied or posted without prior permission, on any network computer,websites,blogs or broadcast, or published in any media. 

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