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Pay Revision 2014 - Pay fixations Softwares

Pay Fixation/Pay Revision Softwares 2014

                  Government have issued orders on the recommendations of the Tenth Pay Revision Commission on the revision of pay and allowances of state government employees and teachers.For details view GO(P) No.07/2016/Fin Dated 20/01/2016 . 
            Though Government has n't released any Pay Fixation software, many from us developed excellent softwares for this purpose. First of all big gratitude to all those who took initiatives the Pay fixation sofwares. 

Sl NoName of the Sotware User GuideDate releasedDeveloped byContact DetailsPlatformDownload

Pay Fixation Consultant V 1.52

Download01/02/2016Saffeeq MP
(Kerala Water Authority)
2Pay Fixation Assistant Ver.2.50 BETA Not  available20/07/2015Shijoy James
(Commercial Taxes )
3Pay Revision  2014 FIX Ver. 1Not  available20/01/2016Anson Francis
(Treasury Department)
4Fixation Software for Official purpose (Bulk)Not  available20/01/2016Manoj K M
(Police Department)
Senior Clerk, Police departmentExcelDownloadDownload

Easy Ready Reckoner : Prepared by Krishnadas.N.P DownloadDownload
NB: 1. Maximum efforts has been taken by the developers for the accuracy of their software/programme. But a manual double checking is recommended.
2. You may download and use the above softwares for personal use but  not to be copied or posted without prior permission, on any network computer,websites,blogs or broadcast, or published in any media.