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Electronic treasury - Salary through bank account of employees - Integration with e-Kuber portal of RBI - Orders issued

            As per G.O. (P) No. 402/2011/Fin dated 23.09.2011 all state Government employees, including gazetted officers were given the option to draw their salary and other entitlements through bank accounts. Subsequently, vide reference to G.O.(P)No. 310/2014/Fin dated 30.07.2014., the Government introduced electronic treasury through which all receipts and payments can be made online using the core banking network. 
               The e- treasury portal has now been integrated with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) portal 'e- Kuber' so that RBI can directly credit any payment to the bank account of the beneficiary instantaneously. This will facilitate timely credit of money to beneficiaries having account with any banks. The Regional Director, RBl vide letterLetter No. D.O.BD(T)783/11.07.2015/2015/16 dated 22.09.2015, has requested State Government to switch over all beneficiary payments such as salary, pension, vendor payments, etc. through the RBI portal. In the meeting, Additional ChieF Secretary (Finance) had with officials of RBI, Director of Treasuries and National Inlormatics Centre,reviewed the preparedness to adopt the new system and decided to switch over into the new system in a phased manner starting the pilot testing of the new system with the Finance Department.
               In view of the foregoing, Government are pleased to accord sanction to integrate the salary claims of employees in the Finance Department who are drawing salary through the bank account with e - Kuber portal from I November 2015 onwards on pilot basis. The NIC shall make necessary changes in the Treasury Information System to facilitate this. The Director of Treasuries shall make necessary arrangements to send electronic advices to RBI relating to the above payments and RBI shall take necessary steps to credit salary amount to the bank account of individual employees based on this.

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