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Treasury department to audit the SPARK

                         The Government of Kerala have entrusted treasury department to audit the SPARK. The procedure for auditing SPARK as per circular No.78/14/Fin dated 07/08/2014.
                         Service and Payroll Administrative Repository for Kerala (SPAIN) is an integrated Personnel, Payroll and accounts system. 'This is a web based application designed to capture the service details of all employees in the state of Kerala. The SPARK is envisaged as a complete solution for the Human Resource Management of state government employees which includes all type of service related activities. The entire service records right from the entry into service have to be verified. Considering the future trend in the governance of paperless environment, the accuracy of the service records is very much essential as the physical service book may be dispersed off in the future.
                         Moreover the preparation of seniority list, transfer, promotion etc. have to become more transparent as these should also be done through the electronic system. In this context the accuracy of the service record is unavoidable. This includes details like leave account, various stages in the pay, disciplinary action if any, promotion and transfer.
                         There are around five lakh employees in the Kerala government service including employees of aided educational institution. These employees are spread over 26000 offices across the state. The service books of these employees are kept in their respective offices.

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