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Economy in Expenditure:- Restriction of Filling of Leave vaccancies, Review of 30500 Posts

                As part of fiscal consolidation efforts, Government Order enforcement of the following economy measures for control of non-development expenditure and for enhancing ' revenue realization, for strict compliance with immediate effect
(i) Creation of new posts: No additional posts will be created without the concurrence of the Finance Department till 31.03.2014.

(ii) Deputation of officers to field Departments,Public Sector Undertakings,Autonomous Bodies:
(a) In future, deputations will be allowed only if the Department concerned can spare the services of the officer or employee.
(b) If an officer or employee is deputed to another department/organization, the resultant vacancy will not be filled up.
(c) Deputations will be allowed only at the level at which the post was sanctioned.
(d) No extension of deputation will be allowed in respect of officers/employees who are on deputation at present.
(e) As a policy, deputation of officers from Government Departments to Public Sector Undertakings and autonomous bodies to handle administrative, financial and legal functions will be discontinued. Public Sector Undertakings and autonomous bodies will be authorized to recruit personnel with professional qualifications for such posts.

(iii) Filling up of Leave Vacancies: Vacancies resulting from leave without allowance will be filled up only on temporary basis for a period of six months at a time and the temporary arrangement will cease once the leave beneficiary returns to duty.

(iv) Temporary posts pending regularization: There are more than 30500 temporary posts created  for specific - schemes/purposes for which sanction for continuance is being issued from time to time. A committee chaired by the Secretary (Finance Expenditure) and comprising  the Secretary of the Department and Head of Department concerned is constituted to review the need for continuance of these temporary posts for which sanction for continuance is being issued from time to time. After the review, action will be taken  to discontinue posts which are not required and to adjust those that are required against future vacancies. A proposal in this regard will be brought before the Council of Ministers within a month.

(v) Control of Expenditure:
(a) Non-plan expenditure will be restricted to the budget provision. However, commitments already made by the Government will be kept up.
(b) Additional authorization and Demands for Supplementary Grants will be . allowed only with the concurrence of the Finance Department.
(c) All Departments will take effective steps for timely implementation of Plan Schemes so that bunching of expenditure in the last quarter of the year is eliminated.
(d) Foreign Travel will be restricted to those connected with approved projects and prior commitments. Departmental Working Groups will not be authorized to sanction foreign travel.
(e) As far as possible, hired vehicles will be used in place of departmentally owned vehicles. For all new establishments only hired vehicles will be sanctioned.
(f) The Swavalamban Pension Scheme will be adopted for all new workers and workers with a remaining service of 20 years or more, who are on the rolls of the Welfare Fund Boards under the Government.

(vi) Revenue Augmentation:
(a) An intensive drive for collection of revenue arrears will be taken up immediately. All unconditional stay orders passed by the Government in respect of tax and non-tax revenue items are vacated with effect from  11.10.2013. In future, no unconditional stay orders will be passed. Installment facilities will be granted only on payment of a minimum of 30% of the arrears on demand; the maximum number of installments will not exceed ten.
(b) Urgent action will be taken in consultation with the Advocate General and others concerned for moving the courts for vacation of stay orders issued by courts in respect of tax and non tax revenue items.
(c) Directions will be issued by Heads of Departments to the departmental appellate authorities to dispose off within three months all cases in which stay orders have been passed by such authorities.

               A committee chaired by the Chief Secretary and comprising Additional Chief Secretary (Finance), Secretary(Taxes), Secretary (Finance Expenditure), Secretary (Revenue ) and Additional Chief Secretary (Forest) will examine all pending proposals for augmenting tax and non tax revenue and furnish recommendations to the Council within two weeks. 

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