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Onam Advance -Recovery Starts from October Salary

                  According to  GO(P) No.431/2013/Fin. dated 05-09-2013 sanctioned Onam advance subject to a maximum of Rs .l0,000/-. The order adds that the advance will be recovered in 5 equal monthly instalments as usual.
               Usually recovery of Onam advance is started from the salary due on 1st of the next month of drawing the advance and thus the recovery is to be started from the salary for the month of September due on 1st October. To avoid burden to employees who had also availed 50% salary advance sanctioned vide GO(P) No.412/13 Fin. dated 30-08-2013 which is to be adjusted in the salary for September, the recovery of Onam advance shall be effected from the salary for the month of October due on 1st November, 2013 and continued till completing the recovery without any break.

For details download the circular from the link below

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