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                                  Notification No. 63- 12682/2012 dated 3lst January 2013.

                  The following details of Services those are provided to the General Public, Other Government Departments, Local Self Governments and Other GovernmentIQuasi Government/ Autonomous Bodies, Other Institutions are hereby published as per Section 2 (g) of Kerala Services Act, 2012. 

Sl. No Name of ActivityTime limit
1Issuing of certifiates of remittance in the event of loss of original chalansDuring the course of  Session*
2Verification of chalans remittance particulars for refund purposeDuring the course of Session*
3Receiving of valuable for safe custody/receiving safe custody articlesDuring the course of  Session*
4Pension CertificateDuring the course of  Session*
5Verification of Group insurance Scheme (GIs), F.B.S, S.L.IDuring the course of Session*
6lssuing of  TDS certificateDuring the course of the day
7(FBS) reconciliation below one yearDuring the course of the day
8Mail TransferDuring the course of the day
9LPCISalary Certificate to Self Drawing Officer; (SDO)During the course of the day (excluding first 3 workingdays)
10Family Benefit Scheme (FBS)reconciliation above one year3 days
11Receipt of Cash for various purposes on behalf of Government and assigning chalan NumberWithin half an hour
12Remittance of amount to TSBWithin half an hour
13Teller CounterWithin half an hour
14Encashment of Savings Bank ChequeWithin half an hour
15Encashment of Pension through Pensioner's Treasury Savings BankWithin half an hour
16Remittance to Civil Deposit, Treasury Security Account (TSA)Within half an hour
17Encashment of Treasury Term Deposit (TFD) and TSFDCWithin half an hour
18Encashment of interest on Treasury Term Deposit (TFD)Within half an hour
19Issuing Bill BookWithin half an hour
20Receipt under Treasury Fixed Deposit Within half an hour
21Encashment of various Civil Deposits (SD, PD, RD, CCD, CrCDetc.) and Refund BillDuring the course of the Session
22Encashment of D form ChequeDuring the course of  Session*
23Encashment of MACT awarded ChequesDuring the course of  Session*
24Premature withdrawal from Treasury Term Deposit (TFD)During the course of  Session*
25Payment of Group Insurance Scheme (GIs), FBS, SLIDuring the course of  Session*
26Issuing of Savings Banks (SB) Cheque BookDuring the course of  Session*
27Issue of Personal Deposit (PD)Pass Book, Specimen CardDuring the course of  Session*
28Letter of Credit (LC) ChequeDuring the course of  Session*
29Pre Check BillDuring the course of  Session*
30Opening of Savings Bank (SB)/ Personal Deposit (PD)During the course of the day
31First salary bill of Self Drawing Officers (SDO)During the course of the day
32Encashment from Provident Fund (PF) AccountDuring the course of the day
33Travelling Allowance (TA) to Gazetted Officers and Non Gazetted OfficersDuring the course of the day
34Contingent BillDuring the course of the day
35lssue of Stamps and Stamp PapersDuring the course of the day
36Encashment of Medical ReimbursementDuring the course of the day
37Lump sum Grant / Grants in AidDuring the course of the day
38Savings Bank (SB) Transferring/ ReceivingDuring the course of the day
39Encashment of balance amount in Savings Bank (SB) (including PTSB to legal heirs2 days after getting proper application
40Local Self Government (LSG) Payments2 days
41First Pension/Death cumRetirement Gratuity (DCRG)/ Commuted Value of Pension (CVP) except in Pension Payment Sub Treasury 3 days on getting
required documents
42First Pension/Death cumRetirement Gratuity (DCRG)/ Commuted Value of Pension (CVP)  in Pension Payment Sub Treasury (PPST)2 days on getting
required documents
43Life Time arrear (LTA) on pension3 days
44Salary BillsOn dates specified in KFC if,submitted 3 days in advance.
45Pension transferring to Treasury/ Bank5 days
46Arrear of pay and allowances and Pension7 days excluding first three working days

*Session-First Session 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Second Session 2 p.m. to 5 p.m

Designated Officer               : Treasurer/ Accountant
First Appellate Authority      : Junior Superintendent for Sub Treasuries/ADTO for District Treasuries
Second Appellate Authority : D.T.O. for Sub Treasuries/Director of Treasuries for District Treasuries.
Gazette notification (English& Malayalam) can be downloaded form the link below



Anonymous said...

SL NO.26(issue of cheque books to pensioners) is allowed only in after noon session in Pension payment sub Try ,Kollam .

Anonymous said...

No statement on service to a department staff.... Is department staff not a public??
Kannan Sreenivas

Anonymous said...

In sub treasury Thrichur there are 3 outside counters and 2 inside counters for disbursing pension. Out of these one inside counter is for disbursing amount above Rs.25000 .Other counter will only function occasionally. Out of the balance 3 none can predict how many counter will function in a particular day. These counters were opened about 3 years back as TELLER counters But since the opening of these teller counters, they are functioning as ordinary counters due to lack of token for ensuring seniority. So the pensioners have to wait 2 to 3 hours to obtain pension.Without token system how can ensure the time limit for a particular activity ? All our pensioners cry were fallen in dumb ears!
There is also a serious issue with sub treasury Thrissur. The new building for treasury was ready to occupy about 3 years back. But the authorities could not occupy due to the dispute between the authorities and labours about the wages for shifting the furniture etc . So the office shifting is delaying indefenitly. The functioning of treasury in the old building is getting more and more dangerous as time passes.The monsoon has just started

tripunithura said...

I am a senior citizen.I went to renew my fixed deposit with treasry.the clerk in the counter was cordial.but I was asked to procure Form No 15 H from photocopy centre.please arrange to deliver the form from treasury.