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Provident Funds-Rate of interest fixed for 2013-14 @ 8.7%

Provident Fund- Rate of Interest on Deposits in General Provident Fund( Kerala) and other provident funds for the Financial year 2013-14 has been reduced from 8.8 % to 8.7%.

Download GO(P) No 189-2013-Fin  dated 26-04-2013 for more details.

The following Provident funds comes under this category
1. The General Provident Fund ( Kerala)
2. Contributory  Provident Fund (Madras)
3. The contributory   Provident Fund for non pensionable work charged establishment of the public works department.
4. The Contributory  Provident Fund of Forest department.
5. The contributory  Provident Fund of Public health engineering department.
6. The Kerala Aided School Employees Provident Fund.
7. The Kerala Aided higher secondary school employees Provident fund.
8. The Kerala Aided VHSSE   Provident Fund
9. The Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda College employees  Provident Fund .
10. The Kerala Ayurvedic studies Research society Employees  Provident Fund .
11. The Kerala Panchayat Employees  Provident Fund
12. The Kerala Private Homoeo Medical college employees  Provident Fund
13 The Kerala Private college Staff  Provident Fund
14. The Kerala private Engineering college and Private polytechnic Teachers and non Teaching staff employees  Provident Fund.
15. The Public works department Engineering workshop(Pensionable) workers General  Provident Fund
16. The Kerala Part Time Contingent Employees Provident Fund.
17. The Kerala NMR Pensionable workers  Provident Fund


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plse correct FY 2013-14 in the 2nd raw of the paragraph....

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MY GPF No. is FT 468076.I couldn't access my account.PLEASE HELP ME