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REVENUE DEPARTMENT - Continuance of Special Land Acquisition units up to 31/08/2013

                       Government as per G.O. (Rt) No.4733/ 12/RD dated 16-08-2012  accorded sanction for the continuance of Special Land Acquisition Units up to 31-08-2012.
                       The Commissioner, Land Revenue as per Letter No.LRC5-40699/ 12 dated 28/11/2012 submitted a detailed proposal for the continuance of the above units for one year from 31/08/2012.
                       Government have examined the matter in detail and are pleased to accord sanction to 1568 posts attached to 103 Land Acquisition Units up to 31/08/2013 as per the details appended to this order.
The Commissioner, Land Revenue shall review the quantum of balance works in each unit and submit specific report on the functioning of the Special Land Acquisition Units with proposal for redeployment if necessary,within a month.


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