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DIES-NON 20-02-2013 AND 21-02-2013 REGULARISED

General Administration (SS) Department - Establishment - National level strike of employees and workers on 20.02.2013 and 21.02.2013 - Absence of employees for want of public conveyance- Regularised Orders Issued.

Read: 1. G.O.(P)No.42/2013/GAD, dated, 18.02.2013

1). A section of workers, employees andteachers went on a National level strike on 20 and 21st February 2013. Government as per order read above ordered that the unauthorized absence of the employees who participated in the strike would be treated as Dies-Non. The pay for the day is to be deducted from the salary bill for the month of
March 2013.
2). A large .number of employees and employees’ organisations have represented to Government that the absence of many employees was due to the absence of public conveyance and therefore requested to grant eligible leave to those employees on the above days.
3). Government have examined the matter in detail and are pleased to order that the absence of employees on 20/02/2013 and 21/02/2013 for want of public conveyance will be regularised as eligible leave including casual leave on receipt of written undertaking that they had no intention to participate in the strike. However, if it is later on found that he I she has participated in any strike related activity like demonstration, the casual leave sanctioned will be cancelled and disciplinary action will be initiated against him I her.


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