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As per GO(P) No.385/12/GAD dated 26/12/2012 "Dies non" was imposed to those employees who struck work during the general strike declared by a section of Government employees and teachers from 08-01-2013. In continuation to the above, Govt are pleased to issue the following further orders.

* "Dies non" will be enforced only upto and including 13.01.2013
* Those who were in unauthorised absent on 11-01-2013 will not be eligible for salary for 12th and 13th.
* Application for leave received after the strike days will not be entertained.
* Salary of employees who struck work is to be recovered form Jan-2013 Salary.

Click the link below to download the GO(P) No.21-2013 GAD dated 25-01-201



Murali t.s said...

doubt: my appointment order date 15/3/2013. working in judicial dept. and joining at panchayat dept.on 7/4/2013. so what type of pension i will get?

Lucy P L said...

I am appointed in the leave vacancy for one year in an aided school and my appointment got passed on 2008(51A Claim). In 2013 i appointed in permanent post. May i include in statutory pension scheme as my service book has opened in 2008 itself.

riya said...

iappointed in aided school as hsst in 2011.after that i got psc appointment as hsst junior in 2014 and i maintained statutory pension scheme .my doubt is that if i get an appointment in an aided college , can i maintain my statutory pension scheme.

riya said...

i appointed as hsst in an aided school in 2011,after that i got psc as hsst junior in 2014 and i maintained my statutory pension doubt is that if i get an appointment in an aided college ,can i maintain my statutory pension sheme.