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Part-Time Contingent Employees- Pension and related benefits-Revised

Part-Time Contingent Employees- Pension and related benefits-Revised
Government have revised the pension and other related benefits of Part time Contingent Employees For details view/download 

Disbursement of Personal Entitlements of Employees through Banks

Government  have decided  to disburse the personal entitlements of employees including Self Drawing Officers of all Government Departments through Banks.

For details view/download

Group Insurance Scheme- Revised Rate

Government have reclassified the scale of pay of Groups and revised the rate of subscription to the Group Insurance Scheme with effect from 01/09/2011
        Scale of Pay                                                       Group    Rate

        29180-43640 and above                                         A        300
        18740-33680& above but below 29180-43640      B        250
        9190-15780& above but below 18740-33680        C        200
        8500-13210& above but below 9190-15780          D        150