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In G.O (P) No.616/10/Fin dated 23/11/2010 Government have decided to implement the Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme through Kerala State Insurance Department for the year 2011 with certain modifications. As per the G.O the scheme has also been extended to the employees of all Public Sector Undertakings, Co-operative Institutions, autonomous bodies and other Government Institutions in addition to the categories of employees already covered under the scheme. The scheme shall come into force with effect from 01/01/2011.

The insured shall have to pay an annual premium of 100/-, inclusive of Service tax for an assured sum of Rupees Eight Lakh.

5% increase in the basic pension 01.03.2002 to 30.06.2004

In G.O (P) No.602/2010/Fin dated 19/11/2010 government have ordered an increase of 5% in the existing monthly basic pension/family pension will be allowed with effect from 01.04.2009 including those who draw minimum pension/family pension. These orders will be applicable to employees and teachers on State Government scales of pay who retired/expired while in service during the period from 01.03.2002 to 30.06.2004.

You can download the excel file file for calculating the exact arrears of pension DOWNLOAD

Group Insurance; time-limit for furnishing subscriber data

In Circular No.92/2010/Fin dated 04/11/2010 Government have extended the time limit for furnishing subscriber details for creating Master Database of Group Insurance Subscribers. The data in the prescribed format has to be attached with the salary bill for November 2010. All Treasury Officers are strictly directed to ensure the same before honouring the bills and pass for payment.