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Early Disbursement of Salary

Early Disbursement of Salary Dec'2010

In view of the ensuing Christmas, Government have ordered early disbursement of pay and allowances of the employees of the State Government for the month of December 2010 on 22-12-2010, 23-12-2010 and 24-12-2010. Sanction has also been accorded for disbursement of pension/family pension for the month of January 2011 on 20-12-2010 and 21-12-2010.

For details please download G.O (P) No.682/2010/Fin dated 14/12/2010 from here...

16% increase in DR ordered

In G.O (P) No.661/2010/Fin dated 04/12/2010 Government have revised the rate of Dearness Relief with effect from 01/07/2010 to State Service Pensioners/Family Pensioners and also to the Pensioners/Family Pensioners coming under UGC/AICTE/Medical Education Schemes.

In Circular No.102/2010/Fin dated 09/12/2010, Government have also issued authorization from the Accountant General (Kerala) to the Pension Disbursing Authorities within the state for disbursing the revised rate of DR.

G.O (P) No.661/2010/Fin dated 04/12/2010

Circular No.102/2010/Fin dated 09/12/2010

SDO Salary Through TSB Accounts

In GO (P) No.658/10/Fin dated 03/12/2010 Government have introduced the system of disbursement of salaries and entitlements of all Self Drawing Officers in the State through Treasury Savings Bank accounts with effect from 01/01/2011. The system envisages processing and transfer crediting of monthly salaries and other personal entitlements of all Self Drawing Officers to the Treasury Savings Bank accounts to be opened in the name of the officers concerned and its subsequent withdrawal by way of cheques according to their convenience.
TSB accounts will be opened for all Self Drawing Officers, by the Treasury Officers concerned, without formal application from the officer concerned, in relaxation of the provisions under Rule 10 and 11 of Appendix 3 of the KTC Volume II.
Six months time will be allowed to obtain formal application and declaration as contemplated in Rules. A letter of undertaking enabling adjustments/ recovery of excess amount to the TSB account, if any credited, will be obtained from each such account holder within a period of six months. Such account holders will be allowed six month’s time for filing nominations as per the Treasury Savings Bank Rules.
The minimum balance to be kept in such TSB accounts will stand reduced from 500 to 100 with the facility of issuing cheques.


In G.O (P) No.616/10/Fin dated 23/11/2010 Government have decided to implement the Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme through Kerala State Insurance Department for the year 2011 with certain modifications. As per the G.O the scheme has also been extended to the employees of all Public Sector Undertakings, Co-operative Institutions, autonomous bodies and other Government Institutions in addition to the categories of employees already covered under the scheme. The scheme shall come into force with effect from 01/01/2011.

The insured shall have to pay an annual premium of 100/-, inclusive of Service tax for an assured sum of Rupees Eight Lakh.

5% increase in the basic pension 01.03.2002 to 30.06.2004

In G.O (P) No.602/2010/Fin dated 19/11/2010 government have ordered an increase of 5% in the existing monthly basic pension/family pension will be allowed with effect from 01.04.2009 including those who draw minimum pension/family pension. These orders will be applicable to employees and teachers on State Government scales of pay who retired/expired while in service during the period from 01.03.2002 to 30.06.2004.

You can download the excel file file for calculating the exact arrears of pension DOWNLOAD

Group Insurance; time-limit for furnishing subscriber data

In Circular No.92/2010/Fin dated 04/11/2010 Government have extended the time limit for furnishing subscriber details for creating Master Database of Group Insurance Subscribers. The data in the prescribed format has to be attached with the salary bill for November 2010. All Treasury Officers are strictly directed to ensure the same before honouring the bills and pass for payment.


LAST DATE Extended to 10th November 2010
July-2010 Results Published

Departmental Test (Jan-2011) - Notification issued
The Kerala Public Service Commission invites online applications for the Departmental Tests , January 2011 to be conducted at various centres across Kerala State and Lakshwadeep. The Candidates are required to register (One-Time) prior to applying for the tests through the Official website of Kerala Public Service Commission ( The fee for Examination and Certificate should be remitted and details of payment should be entered in your profile before last date. Last Date 27-October-2010


Group Insurance Deduction Schedule (iro. Gazetted Officers) Changed

Deduction schedule of Group Insurance Scheme in respect of Gazetted officers has been revised. All Self Drawing Officers are requested to furnish the details of deduction towards GIS in the revised format from the salary bill for October 2010 onwards

Download Govt. Circular

Download Revised Deduction Schedule (Form B(1))

Group Insurance Account details to be furnished along with the salary bill for October 2010

In Circular No. 65/2010/Fin. Dt. 09/07/2010, the Govt. of Kerala modified the Circilar No. 40/2010/Fin Dt. 14/05/2010 to the extend that the account details of all Group Insurance Scheme (GIS) subscibers need be provided in the specified format only with the salary bill for October 2010.

Download Format

Group Insurance Deduction Schedule Changed

Deduction schedule of Group Insurance Scheme in respect of Non-Gazetted officers has been revised. All Drawing & Disbursing Officers are requested to furnish the details of deduction towards GIS in the revised format from the salary bill for August 2010 onwards

NB: New Spark bills are already in this format.


Crediting of DA Arrears to PF Accounts - Time limit extended

In G.O (P) No.26/2011/Fin dated 12/01/2011 Government have extended the time limit of crediting the arrears of DA sanctioned from 01/01/2006, 01/07/2006, 01/01/2007, 01/07/2007, 01/01/2008, 01/07/2008, 01/01/2009 and 01/07/2009 to PF Accounts for six months. The DA arrears can be claimed and credited to the PF account in the salary bill up to 31/07/2011.

Crediting of DA arrear to PF; time-limit extended

In G.O (P) No.464/2010/Fin dated 27/08/2010, Government have ordered that the time limit for crediting the arrears of DA sanctioned from 1.1.2008, 1.7.2008, 1.1.2009, 1.7.2009 to the PF account of the employee will be extended up to 19.11.2010. The DA arrears can be claimed in the salary bill up to November 2010 and credited to PF account without fail.


The Honourable Commission has decided to implement the Online Application facility for the Departmental Examinations from January 2011 onwards. The webbased application system Dew 1.0 has been developed for this purpose. The registration facility for applicants will be open from 15 August 2010. The applicants have to register only once, providing their details with photograph prior to applying for examination when notified. The User ID, selected by the applicant during registration, should be used for all further activities with Departmental Examinations like applying for papers, downloading Hall Ticket, viewing result, applying for certificate etc.




In G.O (P) No.438/2010/Fin dated 07/08/2010 Government have sanctioned an Ad Hoc Bonus of Rs.2750/- for those who drawing total emoluments not exceeding Rs.10750/-

Government have also ordered Special Festival Allowance of Rs.1500/- for those employees drawing total emoluments above Rs.10750/- in the revised scales.

State service pensioners and family pensioners will be given a special festival allowance of Rs.400/- and Rs.300/- respectively


Onam Advance

In G.O (P) No.439/2010/Fin dated 07/08/2010 Government have ordered that an Onam Advance of Rs.7500/- will be paid to all employees.

The advance will be recovered in five equal monthly instalments. The Advance will be drawn and disbursed from 18/08/2010 onwards.

Onam Advance to part-time contingent employees

In G.O (Ms) No.440/10/Fin dated 07/08/2010 Government have sanctioned Onam Advance of Rs.1000/- to part-time contingent employees and other categories as listed in the G.O.

The Advance will be recovered in five equal monthly instalments and in 21 weekly instalments in the case of persons getting weekly wages.



General Provident fund account statements for financial year 2012-13

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This file also contains details regarding exact date of the withdrawal of merged dearness allowance from GPF accounts.

Complete Arrear Details after pay revision 2004 (Click order No for Downloading the order)
% of D.ATotal D.Aw.e.fArrear fromArrear toDate on which the amount will be permitted to be withdrawnDrawn from the salary ofOrder No and Download Link
(All links updated with single click pdf Download)
2201/01/200401/01/200430/11/200530/11/2008 or RetirementDec/05G.O(P)No.541/2005/Fin Dated 17-12-2005
3501/07/200401/07/200431/01/200630/11/2008 or RetirementFeb/06G.O(P)No.541/2005/Fin Dated 17-12-2005
3801/01/200501/01/200528/02/200731/03/2010 or RetirementMar/07G.O(P)No.120/2007/Fin Dated 20-03-2007
41201/07/200501/07/200531/08/200730/09/2010 or RetirementSep/07G.O(P)No.120/2007/Fin Dated 20-03-2007
31501/01/200601/01/200630/11/200728/02/2011 or RetirementDec/07G.O(P)No.531/2007/Fin Dated 05-11-2007
52001/07/200601/07/200631/01/200828/02/2011 or RetirementFeb/08G.O(P)No.120/2007/Fin Dated 20-03-2007
62601/01/200701/01/200731/01/200828/02/2011 or RetirementFeb/08G.O(P)No.547/2007/Fin Dated 14-11-2007
63201/07/200701/07/200731/01/200828/02/2011 or RetirementFeb/08G.O(P)No.91/2008/Fin Dated 16-02-2008
63801/01/200801/01/200830/04/200831/03/2011 or RetirementMay/08G.O(P)No.220/2008/Fin Dated 22-05-2008
74501/07/200801/07/200831/12/200831/03/2012 or RetirementJan/09G.O(P)No.38/2009/Fin Dated 17-01-2009
105501/01/200901/01/200931/05/200931/03/2013 or RetirementJun/09G.O(P)No.211/2009/Fin Dated 02-6-2009
96401/07/200901/07/200931/10/200931/08/2013 or RetirementNov/09G.O(P)No.512/2009/Fin Dated 18-11-2009
147801/01/201001/01/201031/07/201031/03/2014 or RetirementAug/10G.O(P)No.362/2010/Fin Dated 03-07-2010
169401/07/201001/07/201031/12/201030/09/2014 or RetirementJan/11GO(P) No.37/2011/Fin Dated 18-01-2011
1210601/01/201101/01/201131/03/201131/03/2015 or RetirementApr/11GO(P) No.180/2011/Fin Dated 11-04-2011
1211801/07/201101/07/201131/10/201130/09/2015 or RetirementNov/11GO(P)No.535/2011/Fin Dated 14/11/2011
1213001/01/201201/01/201231/05/201230/04/2016 or RetirementJune/12GO(P)No.323/2012/Fin Dated 04/06 /2012
1214201/07/201201/07/201230/11/201231/10/2016 or RetirementDec/12GO(P)No.614/2012/Fin Dated 08/11/2012
1515701/01/201301/01/201331/05/201330.04.2017 or RetirementJune/13GO(P) No 220/2013/Fin Dated 14/05 /2013
DA  on Revised Pay vide PAY REVISION w.e.f 01/07/2009
0001/07/2009No DA from 01/07/2009 to 31/12/2009GO(P) No.85/2011/Fin Dated 26-02-2011
8801/01/201001/01/201031/07/201031/3/2014 or RetirementAug/10GO(P) No.85/2011/Fin Dated 26-02-2011
101801/07/201001/07/201031/12/201030/09/2014 or RetirementJan/11GO(P) No.85/2011/Fin Dated 26-02-2011
62401/01/201101/01/201131/03/201131/03/2015 or RetirementApr/11GO(P) No.180/2011/Fin Dated 11/04/2011
73101/07/201101/07/201131/10/201130/09/2015 or RetirementNov/11GO(P)No.535/2011/Fin Dated 14/11/2011
73801/01/201201/01/201231/05/201230/04/2016 or RetirementJune/12GO(P)No.323/2012/Fin Dated 04/06 /2012
74501/07/201201/07/201230/11/201231/10/2016 or RetirementDec/12GO(P)No.614/2012/Fin Dated 08/11/2012
85301/01/201301/01/201331/05/201330.04.2017 or RetirementJune/13GO(P) No 220/2013/Fin Dated 14/05 /2013

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